The Team at Simplex has developed innovative solutions to meet the particular needs of the Tropics.  Based on proven “off the shelf” equipment and with over 100 years combined experience of delivering technology enabled change, Simplex has the experience to deliver 21st century solutions for real world challenges.

Simplex, has relationships with a number of leading technology providers and performs the role of solution designer and Systems Integrator.



The solar market has matured into a significant contributor to meeting the world’s energy needs. More and more companies are improving the efficiencies of solar cells and developing new products based on solar and energy storage technology.

SIMPLEX has access to some of the best designers and suppliers of Photo Voltaic (PV) equipment around the world. …talk to us and we will help you find the optimum solution to your needs.

Our local based engineers will design the solution to address your needs and our local resident engineers will install and maintain your equipment throughout its life, offering service and maintenance of your equipment during its lifecycle.





SIMPLEX procures all Solar/PV products from the latest best suited green technologies from around the world enabling us to provide the most extensive range of carbon environmentally friendly bespoke integrated systems for clean off grid power generation.

Whether this is as green economic energy to power our farming equipment, your home, industrial property or as replacement to standby generators we are here to help you diversify to a better greener environment


Please contact us to discuss your requirements



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