The Team at Simplex has developed innovative solutions to meet the particular needs of the Tropics.  Based on proven “off the shelf” equipment and with over 100 years combined experience of delivering technology enabled change, Simplex has the experience to deliver 21st century solutions for real world challenges.

Simplex, has relationships with a number of leading technology providers 
and performs the role of solution designer and Systems Integrator.



SIMPLEX has teamed with Renovagen, an innovative UK company that has designed a novel solution to off-grid solar harvesting. Initially developed for military applications, the EcoGen™ RollArray provides an eco-friendly alternative to diesel generators with long term costs and efficiency benefits.


The EcoGen™ RollArray offers a rapidly deployable “stand by” capability in the event of a “power-cut” or in disaster preparedness management scenarios. The EcoGen RollArray system is an air-pallet sized container. Combined with inverters and a large battery bank, it is an easily transportable self-sufficient solar power system capable of generating 10 times more power than competitive products.

The EcoGen RollArray system also offers PV efficiency up to 16%, comparable with rigid polysilicon PV.

Key benefits include:

    • Environmentally friendly - No noise –
      no pollution!
    • Unit deployable within 10 minutes
    • Quickly stowed in minutes for transportation
      or protection in severe weather
    • Design utilises existing CONTAINER
      handling infrastructure
    • Lower overall cost than Diesel Gensets
    • Up to 53kWh integrated energy storage
    • Up to 18kWp PV and 24kW peak power
      output in 3-phase mode
    • Multiple systems can be coupled in parallel to quickly create micro-grids of 300kW+


The RollArray can be trailer-mounted for easy transportation by road.  It contains a huge solar array measuring 2.4m in width and up to 50m in length represents by far the largest containerized deployable solar array yet conceived.




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