The Team at Simplex has developed innovative solutions to meet the particular needs of the Tropics.  Based on proven “off the shelf” equipment and with over 100 years combined experience of delivering technology enabled change, Simplex has the experience to deliver 21st century solutions for real world challenges.

Simplex, has relationships with a number of leading technology providers 
and performs the role of solution designer and Systems Integrator.



Established in 2002, EcoCooling™ is a UK based company who manufacture and distribute world leading evaporative cooling systems. Their EcoCoolers™ have been incorporated into the design of the EcoPolyTunnels™ and can also be used to address a wide range of cooling requirements.


Their EcoCooler™ have been incorporated into the design of the EcoPolyTunnel™ and can also be used to address a wide range of cooling requirements.

The EcoCooler is the most technically advanced evaporative cooler on the market today. SIMPLEX identified Evaporative Cooling as the ideal solution to address the heat reduction requirements to optimise the equipment for use with our EcoPolyTunnel.




The EcoCooler is suitable for large area applications i.e. Airports, Warehouses, Schools, Gyms, Hotels, etc. with a reduction in internal temperatures by 8°C-10°C below ambient.

EcoCoolers are designed such that they remove the need for adding any significant structural load to the building.



Key benefits include:

  • Creates natural levels of humidity
  • A draft free environment can be created, providing even cooling throughout the EcoPolyTunnel
  • 90% lower running cost than traditional AC
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Low Carbon Low Energy Stable temperatures can be created


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