SIMPLEX CleanTech Ltd [SCL] has an innovative Eco Climate-Controlled System that can be installed/retro-fitted to any existing Structure/Greenhouse requiring customisable climate control.

When used in Agriculture and other Food Productivity setups the complete SCL Ecosystem’s modular construct, EcoPolyTunnel Cluster (EPTC), enables production to begin quickly with no need for licenses or public utility infrastructure; an immediate cost saving.

SCL seeks to solve Food Producers/Farmers problems of under productivity associated with too much sun, too much rain, too little rain, pests as well as the lack of traditional electrical or water connections.

Our bespoke EcoSystem lessens the carbon footprint impact of fossil fuel generated power on the environment; is customisable to <10° of ambient while connected in real time to our VPN for remote access and monitoring.


Our Consultancy Service includes:

Site & Design Assessment

Bespoke EcoSystems

Power and Water Supply Analysis

Project Management

Service & Maintenance.



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